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AGE: 15 

HOMETOWN:  Snohomish, WA

Haley started racing in 2009 in Mini Karts at Puget Sound Go Karting Association and other tracks around the Pacific Northwest area.  She quickly started bringing home championships with her first in 2013 Mini Karts Indoor.  In 2013 she was also Most Improved Driver, Driver's choice Sportsman of the Year and Fan's Choice Sportsman of the Year at Deming Speedway.  That same year she won an all expense paid trip to meet Kasey Kahne and attend the Phoenix International NASCAR race.  Haley continued to excel with awards and championships.  In 2017 she moved to 600 Micro Sprints and Hornets.  In 2018 she had 5 wins out of 8 races in her Youth Hornet.  In 2019 she had 4 wins out of 9 races.  She also received a Most Inspirational Award from Evergreen Speedway.

In 2020 Haley raced in the Mountain Dew Jr. Late Model Series as well as most of the Youth Hornet races at Evergreen Speedway and she also raced her 600 Restricted Micro Sprint at Deming Speedway.  She competed for the first time at the prestigious 2020 Tulsa Shootout and learned a lot this year and is looking forward to next year.  She finished her 2020 season with 4 top 5s and 5 top 10s in the Mtn. Dew Jr. Late Model Series, 4 top 5s in the Jr. Hornet and 8 top 5s in her 600 Micro Sprint.

In 2021 she will return to the Mt. Dew Jr. Late Model Series, Deming Speedway in her 600 Micro Sprint, and to Evergreen Speedway in a Pro-Late Model.     




Due to the pandemic races were limited in the Pacific Northwest, but Haley still had a great year!

Mt. Dew Jr. Late Model Series - 5 races

  • 2 wins 
  • 4 top 5s
  • 5 top 10s 

Evergreen Speedway - Youth Hornet - 4 races

  • 2 wins 
  • 4 top 5s 

Deming Speedway - 600 Micro Sprints - 8 races

  • 1 win
  • 8 top 5s  


Evergreen Speedway - Youth Hornet (ages 12-15):

  • 4 wins out of 9 races


Evergreen Speedway - Youth Hornet (ages 12-15):

  • 5 wins out of 8 races


Deming Speedway

•  Track Champion
•  Track Record Holder 2016 to current with a 12.666
•  Big Al Memorial Race Winner
•  Best Appearing Car

Tulsa Shootout

•  Donnie Ray Crawford Hard Charger Award


Indoor at Monroe WHR Motorsports:

•  4th Place finish schoolboy Karts

Deming Speedway:

•  2nd in points
•  Best Appearing Car
•  Big Al Memorial Race Winner


Jr. Sprints at Deming Speedway

•  3rd in points
•  Sportsman of the Year Award

Indoor at Monroe WHR Motorsports

•  2nd in points

2011 - 2013 

•  2011 & 2012 2nd in point
•  2012 Deming Speedway Jr. Sprints Rookie of the Year and 5th in points overall
•  2013 Championship
•  2013 Jr. Sprints at Deming Speedway - most Improved Driver, Best Appearing Car, Driver's Choice Sportsman of the Year, Fan's Choice Sportsman of the Year


  •  Mini Karts at Puget Sound Go Karting Association,  Mount Highway, Monroe Indoor and PGP Kent


It is our mission at Haley Constance Racing to consistently perform as a driver, team and positive role models while empowering others along the way. It is our priority to always give it our best and not lose sight of key stakeholders- our sponsors and fans. We strongly believe exuding respect and sportsmanship on and off the track is crucial to winning races. By setting goals and staying true to our values we look forward to continuing our journey to racing NASCAR.  


Joe & Haley2

Joe Constance: Owner/Father/Crew Chief

Joe Has been involved in circle track racing for 43 years. His passion for motorsports led to the conception of Joes Racing Products. Joe has many wins and championships in go-kart, Mini stock, Super Late Models and micro sprints.  He also has experience in a 360 Sprint cars, figure 8 racing, Endero’s , Open wheel racing, road courses and best of all school busses.

Joe is the owner of Joes Racing Product which is a major supplier of auto racing parts. He manufactures cars and parts for the circle track racing industry.

As Haley’s dad, car owner, crew chief and mentor he is proud of Haley’s ability to drive hard and clean.

Mike & Haley2

Mike Marshall: Handler/Grandfather

Mike has been racing for many years with multiple go-kart and mini stock wins and championships.

Mike has supported Haley’s racing career in several ways for her entire life. As a racer himself, Mike has sponsored Haley’s first go- kart when she was just 18 months old. Mike truly loves the sport of auto racing.  He also loves spending time with granddaughter. Mike makes up the 3rd generation of drivers in the family. Mike (Tiffany’s Father) Tiffany (Haley’s Mother) and Haley.

John Haley2

John Bender: Car Owner/Coach

• 2000 Evergreen Speedway Super Stock Champion
• 2001 Fall Classic Winner
• Northwest Tour Rookie of the Year
• 2018- Current owner and driver Coach for Haley Constance

Toby & Haley2

Toby Jenkins: Crew Chief - Hornet

•  2014 ROTY Champion
•  2014 Stinger champion
•  2015 Stinger champion
•  2016 Car Chief/Builder Stinger Championship
•  2017 2nd place Hornet Championship
•  4-time Enduro Champion
•  2018-Current Haley Constance Car Chief

Mom & Haley2

Tiffany Constance: Mom/Support in Everything!

Spencer & Haley2

Spencer Constance: Crew

•  Brother
•  Chassis Set up
•  Engine Tuning
•  2016-2018 Heavy Kart Championship

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." --Phil Jackson